About Us

Fast and Convenient Technical Integration

All-Rounded One-Stop Service

Robust Risk Management System

24/7 Exclusive Customer Support

iPayLinks focuses on researching the application requirements of cross-border business enterprises, and developing and promoting integrated service applications

Committed to Provide Enterprise-Class Services to China’s e-commerce Enterprises

Deliver all-rounded solutions for enterprises, merchants and e-commerce companies, to address issues in relation to payment and risk management

and ensure the safety of online transactions through its international payment card industry PCI-DSS security certification

iPayLinks has a dedicated team and product support, consisting of a veteran team with nearly 10 years of management experience

in the research and development, marketing and risk management in the third-party payment and online banking industry

With its own strength, iPayLinks has obtained a series of the industry's most authoritative certification, ie the VISA QSP License and the MasterCard PF License

This gives its customers the assurance of the most professional services and utmost safety protection

With the growing team in iPayLinks and the gradual accumulation of social resources, iPayLinks’ business is strengthening

its products are constantly improving, and its strategic plan will also be extended and expanded