Online payment through international cards

Due to their wide coverage, international bank cards have been the most popular online payment method in the world. There are about 1.5 billion credit card users in the world and the total number of cards issued is well over 6 billion. No wonder that bank cards are a standard payment method for independent websites.

iPayLinks accepts all common international bank cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, and Diners Club among others. Through intelligent routing and global collection channel, the average success rate of transactions is over 90% and the highest success rate is 97.4%, much higher than the average standard.

Average success rate of transaction

the Highest success rate

Supported transaction currencies

Supported settlement currencies

We help you reach the global markets - Southeast Asia, Europe, the US, Russia, Japan, India, and South Korea among others

Settlement available from bank accounts all-over the world

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Alternative payment methods across the globe

Along with the popularization of e-commerce, many countries got their own frequently-used modes of payment. Different regions also developed different alternative payment methods. Take for example the “9” started bank card in Korea; the convenience store payment in Japan; Line Pay and Pay Plus payment in Thailand; CashU, Sadad, and Mada cards in the Middle-East; Paytm and UPI based apps in India; QIWI and Yandex in Russia; and Boleto in Brazil.
iPayLinks supports 200+ localized modes of payment in the world, covering Europe, the US, Southeastern Asia, Middle East, Russia, India, Japan, South Korea and other major e-commerce markets in the world. With us, you have 200+ payment methods from across the world to choose from. You can select the popular payment methods from the market of your choosing, seamlessly integrate them on your webstore, and enjoy a very high transaction sucess rate.

One-click Payment with Token

Filling in tiresomely elaborate payment information frustrates many customers. Moreover many merchants cannot save the payment information without a PCI certificate.

Use Token for one-click payment

We bring to you the solution to this issue. iPayLinks servers safely store your customer’s payment information and send an encrypted string (token) to you.
This merchant token delivers a request to retrieve payment data and you can provide your customer with a smooth shopping experience.

  • Traditional risk-control method has a dilemma:
  • Tightening the rules will reduce the success rate
    Loosening the rules will increase the fraud rate
iPayLinks dynamic

Intelligent detection of dubious transactions to help ensure transaction safety, improves trading efficiency, guarantees success rate, and reduces fraud rate.

Payment chain generation

For cases such as foreign trade advance collection or private group tours, non-standard SKU orders are not suitable to collect money using websites and APPs. In such cases customers can complete the purchase using international bank cards by simply clicking on an encrypted payment link sent to them in an e-mail.

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Generate a payment link

Global virtual purchasing card

During the process of B2B overseas purchasing, the payment often sees two major problems

1. Traditional remittance payment often takes too much time and involves complex manual operations.
2. Individual credit limit is often not enough and there is always the danger of information leakage.

To solve this overseas payment problem use newly issued iPayLinks global virtual purchasing card

Apply for your global virtual purchasing card through iPayLinks
Provide the card number obtained to overseas providers for POS collection and confirm your order immediately