Cross-Border eCommerce Solutions

As the growth of cross-border eCommerce continues, the domestic and international policies such as foreign exchange, cross-border settlement become increasingly relevant to merchants. iPayLinks integrates these resources and provides customized one-stop payment solutions according to specific business needs, helps merchants achieve overseas success on the basis of ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.
Online Store
In-depth understanding of cross-border eCommerce and Chinese merchants
As a leading payment company established in China, iPayLinks takes root domestically and radiates globally. We provide targeted solutions against the cross-border demand and pain points of Chinese merchants to help companies with their global strategy.
Rich experience in brand store operation
iPayLinks has rich experience catering to diverse cross-border e-commerce merchants, you can leverage the analysis of various categories and significantly increase profits.
  • Conversion rate increase 10%
  • Customized fraud interception against potential risks
  • Peak success rate 98.2%
Professional financial management
iPayLinks offers a customer-driven, full-stack FX model with a global coverage, 24/7 seamless execution and extensive trading capabilities. We address the best channel automatically and customize the billing according to your business, helping you save costs and maximize revenues.
one-stop service
In addition to payment services, iPayLinks' BD will help you with branding localization, international market expansion, and marketing reports/insights towards specific regions, simplifying your business development globally.
Compliance assistance
iPayLinks customizes a comprehensive set of taxation operations to ensure that you can reasonably and legally achieve maximum tax savings and increase revenue, meanwhile provides the implementation and management to help you achieve long-term, stable, and risk-free maintenance of the global tax structure.
Geekbuying is a leading cross-border e-commerce platform, iPayLinks has created customized payment gateway and upgraded UI for Geekbuying, significantly improved payment security, customer experience, and conversion rate.
Marketplace Seller
All-in-one platform
With just one iPayLinks account, you can easily manage your funds on Amazon, ebay, and other popular marketplaces.
Value-added services
  • Foreign exchange
  • VAT service
  • B2B payment
  • FBA refund
  • Risk management
  • Tax refund
Instant arrival
24/7 service, withdraw at any time