Ultimate product experience

T+0 payment collection

Fast payment collection 0 day remittance service for immediate fund arrival

0.7% at most

0.7 percent at most, supper low service charge, low costs and high returns

Common currencies

Supporting common currencies on the market, including the US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Great British Pound, etc.

Multi-platform accounts

Supporting the unified management of different platform accounts, including Amazon, eBay, Wish and many others
Multiple transaction currencies supported
More details

Besides satisfactory collection services, innovation and update applied to collection product can build one-stop collection and distribution system for efficient e-commerce in wide application scenarios;

  • Unified collection and distribution crossing multiple platforms and accounts
  • Seamless and real-time global settlement
  • Free transfer to other iPayLinks accounts
  • Logistics provider support and ERP charge payment on behalf of the client
  • Vertical e-commerce platform service for the issuing of supplier payment
  • Support towards the issuing and gathering of COD logistics provider funds

Fast turnover

20 days advance to your account

You are able to withdraw the very next day from the completion of the Amazon order


Fast withdraw


Top speed fund arrival


High credit limit

RMB 2 million

Up to RMB 2 million credit limit;


Low interest rates


Low daily interest 0.02%(0.02 percent)


Convenient repayment

Automatic settlement of exchange

Automatic settlement of exchange and repayment are carried out when the fund actually arrives, no manual intervention needed.

"Rapid Collection"

Advance collection for Amazon sellers

"Fast loan"

Trade finance service based on big data and the order data on Amazon, eBay, Wish and other platforms

iPayLinks provides cross-border e-commerce sellers with fund supporting services based on their order information and users can withdraw at any time if they want to relieve the problem of cross-border fund demand.

Low daily interest

Daily interest

Daily interest as low as 0.033%

Same day approval

Fast approval

Result available

After the submission of application, the review result is available on the very same day

RMB 10 million

High quota

Up to

Maximum quota available is RMB 10 million

180 days

Long duration


Loan duration up to 180 days

  • Safe and lawful

    Strict compliance to local laws and financial regulations of China, fund safety guaranteed, free payment collection

  • Low service charge

    Competitive service charge and a transparent system with no hidden fees

  • Convenient operation

    Unified management crossing multiple platforms and accounts allowing users to check their account information in real time.

  • Low exchange loss

    Compared to the “price of purchasing spot exchange” of most commercial banks in China, our exchange rates are more attractive

  • Fast response

    Specialized customer service for 24*7 real-time response

Rapid withdrawal

T+0 quick payment, no wait time

More value-added services
Tax return service

Our cusmtoms declaration and tax rebate products further increase the net profit by 10%-13%

VAT payment service

After collecting payment to the iPayLinks account, it is possible to pay the VAT using the same currency in the iPayLinks account. This can help to avoid extra costs due to withdraw and remittance.

Three steps for easy payment collection
Register to get an

iPayLinks account easily

Payment collection

Bind to the platform for automatic payment collection


Arriving in your bank account on time once withdrawn