iPayLinks empowering
cross-border e-commerce

iPayLinks provides cross-border e-commerce merchants with a comprehensive three-in-one cross-border settlement solution that can fully satisfy the complex requirements of the cross-border e-commerce and help merchants to strengthen their cross-border business in an comprehensive manner.

Cross-border e-commerce

China's cross-border e-commerce is growing at 20-30% each year. Goods made in China are being purchased by consumers across the globe.
Your customers may be from the US, Europe, the Middle East, India or from South Asia. How to enhance your customers’ experience and improve the payment conversion rate? On an e-commerce platform, how to reduce payment collection time and transfer your moeny back? How to optimize working capital turnover and ensure a peak-season stocking up?

Platform collection
  • Remit funds from Amazon, eBay, Wish, etc. to Mainland China and Hong Kong.
  • Topspeed remittance, T+0 fast collection
  • Ultralow service charge, less than 0.7%
  • Simple remittance process
  • Real-time exchange rate, no exchange loss
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Payment acquiring
  • Help collect payments from across the world
  • Supporting all international cards -- VISA/ Master/ JCB/ AE/ Discover
  • Supporting 200+ localized payment modes for global consuming groups
  • Average success rate 90%+, MAX. 97.4%
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offers cross-border settlement and collection solutions for air travel merchants and the enablers of cross-border travel


Cross-border collection

International credit cards, e-wallets from different countries, payment links, and convenient store /ATM payment. Best conversion rates for global currencies and integration of emerging modes of payments. Free from the hassles of development and can be set up immediately.

Cross-border settlement

International virtual prepaid cards, real-time order confirmation, multi-currency settlement, and immediate withdrawal facility.

Cross-border travel

Along with the financial booming, cross-border travel also becomes a very important industry. The rise and rise of airlines, hotels and OTAs makes it evident. In the last 5 years, the cross-border travel sector in China is in the midst of rapid growth. China is third most popular tourist destination in the world after France and the US. No wonder the Chinese travel and tourism market is growing at more than 18% per annum. In order to guarantee the best traveling experience for its customers and expand globally, the Chinese travel industry needs to continuously improve the service standards and offer convenient and safe modes of payment.