1st Chinese company completed localization

In December 2018, iPayLinks obtained the investment license issued by Saudi General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and the payment service provider license issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED), becoming the first Chinese payment company to complete localization in the Middle East.
iPayLinks has established a professional team in UAE and Saudi Arabia, which can help you with acquiring, pay-in, FX and pay-out, and is committed to providing you with transparent processes, lower costs, and faster delivery.

One-stop integration

We understand that time is money for you - hence, we provide you with a single API to connect to all 14 countries in the ME region. iPayLinks’ API can be integrated with your system easily, and can be tailored to suit your interface and plug-ins in order to meet your varying business requirements and speed-up your expansion in the ME.

True localization

iPayLinks has directly partnered with domestic banks and third-party payments, providing not only international credit cards like Visa/Mastercard, but also local payment methods like KNET, MADA, SADAD, FAWRY, STCpay, etc. Thus consumers in each country can find their preferred payment method on your page.

Tailored services

iPayLinks understands what you think. We provide one stop business solutions including value-added services such as data-driven consumer insights, local entity formation, VAT handling, compliance assistance, and logistics partnerships network with government resources etc. to help you scale up easily as well as adhere to ever-changing regulations in the region.

The Middle East Solutions

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The First Option Payment in the Middle East.