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  • Fraudulent Impersonation Of a Payment Company

    The hackers used an email from **Payment Company to send messages to customers asking them to activate inter-bank payment services. The banks website linked in the email was a fake login page, which tricks customers into entering their bank card information, thereby stealing funds from their accounts.

  • Triggering The Disclosure Of Sensitive Information

    The hackers impersonated a bank and sends an SMS to users with the content of *** Bank Internet Banking Upgrade, reminding them to upgrade their mobile banking APP and providing a download link to http://******, the download link to the bank APP is a counterfeit version, thereby stealing users sensitive information and causing loss of funds.

  • Credit Card Overdue Freeze Fraud

    The hackers used the name of Bank X to send SMS messages to customers, claiming that their Bank X credit cards were frozen overdue and they had to call 008618812341234 to unfreeze them. The customers took the initiative to call and were induced to provide their Bank Y debit card account number, mobile phone number and SMS verification code, resulting in loss of funds.

  • Fraudulent Impersonation Of Law Enforcement Agencies

    The hackers posed as public security authorities and ask for cooperation in the investigation on the grounds that the victims identity information has been stolen, suspected of money laundering and other crimes, thus fraudulently obtaining personal information and funds.