Powerful Payment Capacity Around The World

The fund management capability covers 85% of the worlds countries and regions, and supports batch disbursement to effectively achieve business growth and cost reduction.

  • Prices Are Lower In Mainstream Currencies

    Payment supports over156+countries and regions around the world and improves the payment time limit;

    Cross-border payment costs of mainstream global currencies are much lower than those of traditional channels;

  • Batch Disbursements Are More Efficient

    Support batch disbursement of different amounts and objects for one account at the same time;

    API access is supported to realize intelligent disbursement, and the arrival speed is faster;

  • Better Exchange Rate And Lower Exchange Loss

    The real-time exchange rate is displayed in the payment background, and the exchange settlement plan is clear at a glance;

    Direct links with foreign exchange banks and local financial services institutions to provide competitive offshore exchange rate schemes;

We Fully Protect The Security Of Your Cross-border Transactions

  • Obtained the highest security certification in PCI-DSS-Level1 international card payment industry for five consecutive years to protect the security of your data

  • Passed ISO27001 information security management system certification to ensure your information security

  • 7*24 customer support teams are online to provide effective support for cross-border transaction continuity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q

    What is the rate for RMB payment?


    The payment of iPayLinks in RMB is based on the spot exchange buying rate of the Bank of China.

  • Q

    What is the time limit for payment in the original transaction currency of iPayLinks to the account?


    Payment in original transaction currency will arrive at time T+1. If withdrawal is made on Saturday/Sunday Beijing time or public holiday in the US, payment will be deferred to the next business day.

  • Q

    I paid RMB to the second-class bank card, but it didnt arrive. Whats the reason?


    You can try to contact the opening bank first and ask for an increase in the bank card limit. If the limit cannot be increased, you need to re-bind the withdrawal card. It is suggested to use the first type of card.