Global Collection With Efficiency And Low Cost

Unified account collection with one-click access, multi-currency, multi-platform global


Multi-currency Accounts With Lower Costs And Can Be Withdrawn At Any Time

  • Dollar, euro, pound, yen... over 13 global mainstream currency account is opened with one click, with the global collection of 0 exchange loss

  • 7*24 hours at any time to withdraw cash with real-time preferential exchange rate

  • Support cash withdrawal to domestic and foreign public to private bank accounts

Free Account With Speed Registration

Enterprises or individuals can easily open your exclusive account with simple three steps to achieve account opening

  • 01

    Register the account of iPayLinks;

  • 02

    Apply for the overseas collection account;

  • 03

    Collection/disbursement/foreign exchange

Convenient Background Operation

  • Lightweight background with simple page and powerful functions

  • One background can easily manage multiple accounts, with customized background authority management and clear account checking

  • WeChat applet allows you to operate at anytime, anywhere

Global Collection In Multi-platform And Multi-scene

Collection on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, NOON, Cdiscount and other mainstream global e-commerce platforms
Support B2C, B2B global cross-border trade collection

Compliance First And Trustworthy

Possess licenses in major economies such as the US, UK and Singapore to provide secure cross-border transactions

An international professional compliance team will strictly abide by international financial regulations and protect your capital security

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q

    How to fill in the name of the account holder when the account is bound in the background of Amazon?


    Fill in the personal name or company name used in the Amazon store registration, except for the Japanese website. We need to fill in the Japanese half corner account name provided by us.

  • Q

    What is the reason for the payment limitation on eBay?


    In this case, there is a certain risk in the eBay store that will trigger the restriction of the internal rules of eBay, which is mainly targeted at the eBay store. It is recommended to contact eBay customer service for verification.

  • Q

    What is the reason for the refund of the US dollar payment account from PayPal/Amazon to iPayLinks?


    Check whether the receiving account has been activated and can be used normally, and check whether the account type has been filled in wrongly during binding. If the account has been activated successfully, you can restart the payment.