Payment Solution For Travel And Ticketing

The tourism e-commerce field has a completely different ecological environment and business logic from ordinary e-commerce. As a leader in the OTA cross-border payment industry, iPayLinks has been deeply involved in this field for many years and has served many top customers in the industry. With our rich industry experience and deep market insight, we offer payment solutions tailored to customers in the aviation, hotel, car rental and other industries to effectively solve OTA payment, settlement, anti-fraud and other issues.

  • Anti-fraud System

    The aviation travel industry is characterized by high customer unit price and low gross profit. Therefore, the aviation travel industry has zero tolerance for fraudulent refusal of payment such as malicious refund.

    Based on the traditional payment risk control model, iPayLinks combines the information and data of airline travel enterprise customers to perfect customer portrait for the industry, so as to establish the risk control model of airline travel industry.

    In connection with the European risk control service providers with rich anti-fraud experience, the fraud loss is reduced to a tolerable range without reducing the success rate of transactions, and the average non-payment rate is maintained below 0.5%.

  • Customized Payment Gateway

    IPayLinks supports international mainstream credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.

    Customized payment gateway, more in line with the business process of airline travel enterprises:

    Extra long pre-authorization is supported to facilitate suppliers to confirm orders.

    Multi-currency settlement is supported to facilitate merchants to settle goods directly with suppliers.

    Support more than 50 major tourism area payment methods, anytime, anywhere, pay as you wish.

  • Payment Chain

    iPayLinks provides a variety of payment methods to meet the needs of merchants in various payment scenarios. For example, Custom tourism business scenarios, such as the order is not a standard SKU, the merchant website and APP inconvenience, can through iPayLinks merchant background input product information and generate a pay links, to help your clients hedge the risks of privacy information leakage, fully guaranteed customer information security, rich OTA channels of customers.

In cooperation with renowed card schemes such as American Express and Discover, iPayLinks provides direct connection card sets to consumers and business customers around the world. The service scope covers more than 150 countries and regions worldwide. Leverages high standards of risk management and information management capabilities to provide more secure and customized services and experiences for OTA customers, with a payment success rate of over 98.2%.

Straight Connecting With a High Success Rate

  • Chargeback Protection

    Combining OTA industry scenarios, iPayLinks uses intelligent analysis of user profiles, credit scores and other data to reduce fraud and non-payment rates of transactions without reducing the success rate of transactions;

    The iPayLinks disclaimer product verifies or intercepts transactions suspected of fraud while ensuring the success of customers transactions. In the event of a genuine fraudulent dishonor, payment will be made in full against the principal.

Overseas Localized Payment