Driven By Technology And Innovation, Security And Protection Go Hand In Hand.

iPayLinks has always made information security, privacy protection and operational compliance the most important elements of its products, always providing customers with trustworthy, reliable and technical products.


Raise Personal Safety Awareness

Ensure the security of online payments and improve security awareness.

  • Ensure terminal security

    Install antivirus software for your terminal, update the antivirus software, operating system patches in a timely manner.

    Download and install controls and software for banks or third-party payments directly from the official website.

  • Be wary of unknown links and installation files

    Please take care not to download and install unknown files when using the Internet.

    Please do not click on unknown links sent by others, especially when payment or transactions are involved, and beware of Trojan horses and phishing software.

  • Keeping sensitive information safe

    Personal information such as ID card information, account information, bank card information and mobile phone numbers should be kept safe and not easily provided to others.

    Do not save photos of your ID and bank cards in your mobile phone album and do not easily reserve sensitive information on small or obscure websites.

  • Do not disclose account passwords easily

    Please do not disclose account or password information to anyone and do not trust any request for account and password via email, SMS, phone, etc.

    Do not save account or password information in your browser and regularly clear your browser of information such as cache, cookies and forms.

  • Use public WiFi or public computers with caution

    Please refrain from using unfamiliar public Wi-Fi, unknown Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi without passwords, which can easily lead to leakage of personal information, if possible.

    Please be careful when using public computers, as computers in public environments are susceptible to viruses that can be planted by undesirable elements to hack into personal accounts.

    If using internet payments from a public computer, log out of your account promptly and make sure all information is cleared before closing your browser.

  • Focus on dynamic CAPTCHA security

    SMS verification codes, dynamic passwords and other dynamic verification codes are related to account security and fund security and should not be provided to anyone else, including those claiming to be official staff or customer service personnel.

    Any request for a dynamic verification code should be treated with the utmost vigilance.

  • Focus on password security

    Having a strong, unguessable password is important for the security of your money and information.

    Avoid using consecutive, repetitive and simple number combinations as passwords, avoid using passwords that can be easily guessed such as birthdays, initials, phone numbers and ID numbers, and use high-level passwords that are a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and conforming combinations.

    And Change your password regularly.