Digital Entertainment Solutions

With the rapid development of the digital entertainment industry, enterprises are faced with difficulties in overseas localized payment and high cost of multi-account remittance. The functions of iPayLinks global acquiring and one-stop batch distribution can help you quickly carry out cross-border overseas business.

  • Full Coverage Of Payment Network

    With a multi-year global distribution strategy, PayLinks now has a payment network covering more than 150 countries and regions around the world, providing targeted solutions for digital entertainment enterprises and merchants to facilitate their rapid development.

  • Ultra-low Disbursement

    iPayLinks adheres to the enterprise philosophy of customer achievement, maximizes the product payment process, supports one-stop currency exchange and batch distribution. The cost is as low as 3-5 dollars per transaction, which can effectively help enterprises reduce costs.

  • Enable Mall Operation

    iPayLinks provides the official download portal for enterprise APPS, connects with iPayLinks in the App, provides direct charging service on the home page, splits recharge in the App store, and reduces the operating cost of the App store.

  • Safety And Compliance Protection

    iPayLinks has a sound regulatory system, risk control management and security guarantee capabilities, to provide enterprises with a safe, compliant, stable and efficient one-stop payment system and services, but also provide tax, logistics, industry interpretation and other local value-added services, helping enterprises to connect with global consumers.