Comprehensive Capital Escort Experience

Our professional compliance team all over the world ensures the security of every transaction

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    iPayLinks has established an international compliance team with high standards, which strictly complies with the international anti-money laundering conventions and the relevant laws and regulations of regulatory authorities, and takes strict actions to fulfill its responsibilities.

  • Business Compliance

    Business Compliance

    iPayLinks adheres to a strict and independent compliance audit system. Our business compliance audits are carried out annually by a professional third party certification body in accordance with industry standards without interruption.

  • Trade Compliance

    Trade Compliance

    iPayLinks works closely with local regulatory authorities around the world to establish a sophisticated anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing compliance system to ensure the security of clients funds and financial transactions by verifying compliance with the identity of each client.

  • Program Compliance

    Program Compliance

    The iPayLinks fund operation is strictly in accordance with the instructions of the client. The bank may operate the funds in the account and transfer them to the bank account designated by the customer only after receiving authorization and direct instruction from the customer. Any tampering and account irregularities will not be accepted by iPayLinks and its partner financial institutions.

Global Compliance Capacity

  • MPI Monetary Authority of Singapore Licensed

  • MSO Hong Kong Money Service Licence

  • MSB US Money Service Digital Currency Registration

  • API UK Financial Conduct Authority Licensed

MPI Monetary Authority of Singapore Licensed

iPayLinks holds a Major Payment Institution licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to provide services such as cross-border remittance, acquiring and account issuance.

MSO Hong Kong Money Service Licence

iPayLinks holds a Money Service Operator Licence (MSO) issued by the Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong.

MSB US Money Service Digital Currency Registration

In 2017, iPayLinks completed the registration of an MSB issued by FinCEN, a financial crimes enforcement network affiliated with the U.S. Treasury Department. The MSB is used to monitor businesses and companies related to money services to conduct collection and acquiring services through partner banks, which is a necessary condition to legally conduct financial business in the U.S.

API UK Financial Conduct Authority Licensed

iPayLinks holds a Financial Conduct Authority (FSA) licence for granting Payment services such as acquiring and cross-border remittances.