Well Take Care Of Every Transaction You Make

With “data modeling experts” as the core of the elite team of risk control, we established the industry leading anti-fraud model and all-round intelligent monitoring of transactions to avoid fraud and non-payment, ensuring the security of every transaction.

  • Accurate Identification Of Fraudulent Transactions

    Based on the big data platform, iPayLinks studies the characteristics of various industries, uses internal and external data, constructs exclusive models and strategies, and combines with the intelligent rules engine to provide you with customized fraudulent transaction identification in real time.

  • Real-time Notification Of Risk Orders

    After identifying risky orders, iPayLinks will remind you in all aspects through not limited to email, mobile phone, website notice and other forms, so that you can timely conduct independent review and management of orders and reduce the loss caused by risky orders.

  • Flexible Risk Control Rules

    Different industries have different risk characteristics. IPayLinks will provide customized risk control policies based on your industry and your risk preference, and support customers to manage the list, frequency and other rules.

  • Chargeback Protection

    The iPayLinks non-payment protection service intercepts transactions suspected of fraud, promising customers a high pass rate. In the event of subsequent fraudulent dishonor of the approved transaction, full compensation will be paid for the transaction.

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  • 3D Secure 2.0

    3DS 2.0, released by EMV, is a payment solution that reduces the risk of card-less transactions, which helps you reduce the risk of fraud and transaction losses, as well as provides the flexibility to navigate the intricate regulatory system, bringing a new payment experience to consumers.

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