Driven By Technology And Innovation, Security And Protection Go Hand In Hand.

iPayLinks has always made information security, privacy protection and operational compliance the most important elements of its products, always providing customers with trustworthy, reliable and technical products.


Provide a Secure Payment Platform For You

iPayLinks cherishes and appreciates the trust of every user, practices the value of security in parallel, provides users with more security measures in its products, and is committed to providing users with a more intimate security experience.

  • Digital Certificates

    Digital Certificates

    A digital certificate is a certificate issued by an authoritative third-party authority, the CA Centre. It uses SSL as the core encryption technology to encrypt and decrypt information transmitted over the network, digital signatures and signature verification to ensure the confidentiality of payment information.

  • Security verification

    Security verification

    Users are required to perform the step of dynamic verification code verification by SMS as SCA when making payments, transfers and other key payment operations to enhance the security of their accounts and transactions.

  • Identification


    Provide a mobile phone number or email address to register an account, which is guaranteed to be unique, and prevent illegal people from guessing the user password through various security measures.

  • SMS notification

    SMS notification

    Provide a security mechanism of SMS notification of account changes to control the security of your funds anytime, anywhere.

  • Device fingerprint

    Device fingerprint

    iPayLinks will identify the characteristics of users common devices, exclude suspicious Internet access devices, and react to high-risk devices and related operations in a timely manner, effectively safeguarding customers funds.