More Advantageous Exchange Experience

Direct connection to the foreign exchange market, accurate prediction of the amount received, eliminate the hidden exchange loss.

  • Real-time Exchange Rate Without Hidden Exchange Loss

    Direct connection to the interbank foreign exchange market, real-time display of spot prices, more options and optimised fees;

    Accurately predict the amount of the account without any hidden exchange loss;

  • Low Risk Of Multi-currency Support

    Support the overseas transaction fund management of over 150 countries and regions, and support over 20 mainstream currencies in the world;

    Real-time access to offshore exchange rates to avoid exchange rate fluctuation risks;


    Countries and regions

  • High Stability Throughout Time

    The intelligent engine has strong support for 7*24 hours to accept your request for currency exchange at any time;

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q

    Do you support VAT tax and how to operate it?


    Support, operation path: Payment ------VAT tax.

  • Q

    What is the order amount?


    The bound store order flow will be updated to the iPayLinks platform in real time, and the corresponding order amount will be deducted when the RMB is transferred to China.

  • Q

    Do you support cash withdrawal to the public account?