Reducing Fraudulent Transactions Is Never At The Expense Of Success rates.

The iPayLinks disclaimer product verifies or blocks transactions suspected of fraud while ensuring the success of a customers transaction.In the event of subsequent true fraud dishonor, iPayLinks will reimburse the principal amount in full.

  • Refuse Full Compensation

    When merchants experience fraudulent dishonours, iPayLinks will compensate the merchant in full for the dishonours and recover money for the customer.

  • Good Customer Experience

    When a customer trades online, the iPayLinks risk control system will assess the risk in real time and provide the decision results, ensuring a smooth trading experience for the customer.

  • Intelligent Risk Control System

    Combining different industry scenarios and using intelligent analysis of user profiles, credit scores and other data, iPayLinks can control the risk of fraudulent transactions and reduce the transaction fraud rate and non-payment rate without reducing the transaction success rate.

  • Efficient Access Mode

    iPayLinks non-payment guarantee can be connected to the credit card collection system at the same time, requiring only one API interface to use the two major services, saving the enterprise redundant development steps.

Refuse payment without fear of fraud to recover unnecessary losses

  • Unauthorized transaction

  • Authorization processing error

  • False card transactions

  • The cardholder does not acknowledge the transaction

Intelligent Risk Control System Ensures The Success Rate Of Transactions

Business Access Process

  • 01

    Qualification Audit

  • 02

    Signing Agreement

  • 03

    Commercial Access

With iPayLinks, you can make payment without fear of fraud

Payment refuse service is waiting for you to open.